A Family Culture

Posted on by April Hart

"The victim's faint pulse picks up; the hearts of the hopeless pump red blood as you put your ear to their lips. Orphans get parents, the homeless get homes. The reign of terror is over, the rule of the gang lords is ended." Psalms 10:17-18 (MSG)

This spring I had the opportunity to volunteer for a week in Peters Township High School for a Library Arts Cafe event. I would get my coffee in the morning and arrive at the school, walk through the hallways and remember the hurt and aloneness I felt when I was a student there.  God spoke to me in those moments and showed me how many teenagers feel that same sense of aloneness, as though they are "orphans" in their schools. So in the past few months, I have made it my mission to create a culture of family in Campus Life Peters Township where the "orphans" of the school can find a place to call home. This has had great results with the students in helping them feel more comfortable going to a club and also being around their peers. Building relationships with these students brings more opportunities for me to show them how God adopts us as His children, so they never have to feel like orphans again! 

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