Flight Night

Posted on by April Hart

At the annual student leadership retreat in January, the Bethel Park High School student leaders met and discussed some ideas that they had for our club.  They had tons of ideas for events, everything from a mess fest to broom hockey.

One that I picked out and decided on was for our group to go to Flight, the trampoline park.  The kids were really excited, and every time I would announce it, they would cheer.  I was looking forward to it as well, as these events allow kids to bring friends who wouldn't normally come to Campus Life, but would come just to hang out and jump around on some trampolines.  The night came, and 8 kids showed up.  A normal meeting for us ranges from 25-35 kids, so this was very small for us.  I was disappointed - was it even worth it?  But then, something happened.

One of our regular students (let's call her Mara) brought a friend who had never come to anything Campus Life-related before.  Mara and her friend (let's call her Suzie) came bouncing up to me and asked me about Heatwave.  Suzie seemed very interested, and later that week, she ended up signing up to come to Heatwave with us!  She has no relationship with Jesus whatsoever, but she will come along on a week-long trip with us where Jesus is the focus.  I realized that our Flight night was worth it.  The entire thing may have been God's plan to reach Suzie.  Failures or disappointments from our perspective may be triumphs from God's perspective.

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