Life-long, Loving Relationships

Posted on by April Hart

Three times a week, downtown, we open the doors to the Cellar (our City Life, Downtown Pittsburgh location) as an after-school safe, drop-in space for teenagers at both City High Charter School and CAPA.  The students we have met in the Cellar have a variety of opinions about God, Jesus and religion.  To our knowledge, none of them have a relationship with Jesus.  

At Youth for Christ (YFC), we have five essentials.  One of them is Loving Relationships.  YFC defines this as: We consistently pursue lost kids & engage them in life-long relationships with Jesus.   Here's how that definition plays out in the Cellar.

Last year a group of freshman began coming to the Cellar regularly.  They mostly kept to themselves, drawing and whispering off in the corner.  Our attempts at connecting with them always felt forced and unsuccessful.  This year, that same group of freshman come, but it's different.  This year, they let us sit with them while they draw.  They talk to us, laugh with us and play games with us.  We've built a relationship.  We don't know if this group will come to know Jesus in their time at the Cellar, but we know we need to do our part in loving them as He would.  We believe that the relationship we've developed and progress we've seen in connecting with them is something to celebrate.  We believe it's a stepping stone on their journey to Christ!

The Cellar is located in the basement of First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh on 6th Avenue.  It operates under the ministry strategy called City Life.  To learn more about the Cellar, click here.

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