Pillow Fight

Posted on by April Hart

A few months ago, at the end of a South Park Middle School Campus Life meeting, I started talking with a few kids about ideas for a fun event we could do together. “How about a giant pillow fight?” someone mentioned.  “Yeah, and we could all wear our pajamas!”

So, over the next few weeks, we planned out a giant pillow fight PJ party night.  One person made flyers, a few more came up with games, and everyone invited their friends. Campus Life is about intentionally building a community where students can feel welcome, safe, and have fun, which gives us an opportunity to introduce them to Jesus.   It was great to see our students really take ownership of these goals, and begin to make them happen together.

The night was an absolute blast! We played some really fun games, had a sleeping bag relay, and of course, chased each other around the room with pillows! It’s been over a month, and we’re still finding pillow feathers in the room we meet in!

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